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If dudes are expected to have a lot of sex

But ladies are expected to stay virgins until marriage

But homosexuality is bad

I’m really confused who dudes are supposed to be having all that sex with

Guys I got it

Society is literally telling dudes to go fuck themselves

I’m sorry I can’t not reblog this

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When a girl says “Make me” that’s secret code for “fuck the shit outta me until I can’t walk or talk straight”

Is this true ladies?

this is 100% true

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what do u mean i don’t have a social life I just went grocery shopping with my mom

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do you ever just start thinking about sex and zone out for a couple of seconds and stare into space and then you come back and you’re like ah shit i hope no one realised i was thinking about sex just now

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"If you cum and she doesn’t…you didn’t fuck her, she fucked you."

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"Now go drink until it feels like you’ve done the right thing."

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